Ian Clarke graces Justice Mission Night

By Sam Wakhakha, :: 15-02-2012




Dr. Ian Clarke arrives at UCU










It is Wednesday February 1 and it is Justice Mission Night.  Time check is 8.45 pm and the long-awaited chief guest, Dr. Ian Clarkethe mayor of

 Makindye division, has not yet arrived. The organisers pace up and down while making frantic phone calls to establish if the guest is on the way.

The audience then resorts to its own business giving  an appearance of a chaotic class waiting for a teacher.  This is what went on for about an hour in the upper Section of the Ham Mukasa library until Dr. Ian Clarke arrived towards 9.00 pm. On seeing him, the audience became calm and waited for his word.He spoke about living a purposeful life while giving himself as an example. He talked about how he decided to come and serve in Uganda yet he could have had an equally blissful career back home.  "When we came to Uganda, the situation was bad. Uganda was just coming out of a period of war. My wife  and I went to work in Kiwoko, Luweero. My wife could not imagine us staying for more than two years but here we are, more than twenty years  later," he said. His talk was laced with Christian intonation.    

 As a political leader, he decried the style of management in the country which he said was characterised by red tape. "The current system is failing this country and something needs to change. A battery of a garbage truck breaks down and requisitioning for a replacement takes two months. That is not good," he said. Most of the advice that he passed on came out of the questions that the audience asked. The moderator, Andrew Karamagi, as if to provoke an answer about UCU's tuition policy, asked him how he treats the challenge of increasing fees at his institution.  He however said that  he does it depending on the inflation situation in the country. Ian Clarke, Irish by origin, is the proprietor of Kampala International Hospital and AAR Medical Services.


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