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By Sam Wakhakha, :: 02-03-2012

Wabwire arrives for open air campaigns

The students have decided. Emmanuel Wabwire is the new UCU guild president elect. He beat two other contenders, Moses Tumuheki and Nish Nicholas Kihangire to take the guild presidency for the year 2012/2013. Wabwire garnered 1,194 votes and he was followed by Nish Nicholas Kihangire who got 856 votes. In the third place was Moses Tumuheki with 412 votes.

At 12:45 am, the Director of Students Affairs, Rev. Milton Tweheyo, surrounded by dozens of policemen in full anti-riot gear announced Emmanuel Wabwire winner.
"By the powers entrusted to me, I declare Emmanuel Wabwire as the winner of the 2012/2013 guild elections," he said amidst a lot of noise from Emmanuel Wabwire's supporters.
The noise that had started during the counting of votes grew louder after the announcement of the final result. Wabwire's supporters danced to Kadodi tunes as they led him to a waiting car. He returned a few minutes later to address his supporters before later receiving a key from the outgoing President, Chrysostom Akwech.
Speaking to The Standard minutes after the announcement, Wabwire thanked the students for the support and indicated that he was going to serve with humility.
"I am humbled. There is nothing more I can say. The only way in which I can repay this debt is by serving them," he said.
The race was a hotly contested one as Kihangire and Wabwire were running neck and neck before the counting of votes from the Social Sciences faculty. Wabwire swept votes there. Here he beat him by 429 votes. The fact that Social Sciences faculty has a bigger population enabled Wabwire to get the block vote from there. Although Kihangire tried to balance Wabwire's Social Science block vote with his from the Law faculty, low numbers in the latter betrayed him.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, rumours had started spreading that a certain camp was trying to smuggle in mercenaries to vote. No proof to this was accessed by The Standard. Ant-riot policemen in full gear were deployed around Nkoyoyo Hall to make sure the counting process goes smoothly.
There was a small scuffle at the old gate at around 3.00 pm but for the rest of the day, voting went on smoothly.
By press time, The Standard had not been able to reach the defeated candidates for comment as their phones were switched off. On the whole, there was no major incident.

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