Inspiring word to female finalists

By Sam Wakhakha, :: 11-04-2011

 The finalist ladies’ retreat was a must-go for all those that were invited. It had great speakers with lots of inspirational messages for the lady finalists.
   The speakers that included Beat Bisangwa and Patricia Babukyika were just great. They were rich in advice for their audience. The fact that the two speakers at one time went through the same situation as the people in their audience made them offer spot- on advice in as far as countering life after campus is concerned. Babukyika who has authored a book titled “What after campus?”  encouraged the ladies to be fruitful and subdue the world as written in Genesis 1:28.
    Beat Bisangwa on the other hand spoke to the girls with all the passion there is on earth. She braved the scotching sunshine for one hour preaching nothing but girl power. Beat, who has had a successful career both in the corporate world and ministry, wowed the crowd with the narratives of her life stories. She did a great deal in pampering the ladies. She collected all the
words that could arouse the belief in self-determination among the ladies.
She for example narrated to the audience on how the inability of her parents telling her how beautiful she was made her development an inferiority complex. She said as a student in high school, she used to cover her legs with a sweater because she thought they were ugly.
She says that she later found out it was not true.
    The idea that she had ugly legs was just psychological. Having certain thoughts at the sub-conscious level of one’s mind she said was a big factor hindering the progress of many women.
She told the students to believe in themselves and not carry the common thinking that makes ladies put their life on hold until a man tells them they are beautiful. She said the ladies should always believe they are beautiful because they were created in God’s image.
Beat works with the Organisation of African First Ladies whereas Patricia is with Uganda Women Entreprenuers Association.
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