UCU's own excel at National poetry

By Staff Writer/ News, :: 11-03-2010

We took both, first and second place at the African Writers’ Trust (AWT) Seminar.
Daniel Omaya and Priscilla Namirimu, who won first and second place respectively are from the department of Languages and both, took part in the seminar that attracted 18 students from Kyambogo, Makerere and UCU.

The two day event held at the Uganda Museum was graced by many of Africa’s literature scholars.
The chief guest at the awards ceremony, Nigerian UK based author, Sade Adeniran said there was need to continually write.
“Hold on to your dream and keep on practicing. Whenever you are going to bed, put a book and a pen by your bed side so that when you wake up, you write down everything that came to your mind and with time, you will look into that book and realise that you have so many books to write,” Adeniran said.
The Burdens of a Son, the short story that earned Omaya the top spot is a story about the perils of being a son to a polygamous alcoholic in an African rural setting. 
In the story, Ogwang, the protagonist, is forced to watch his mother have a still birth by the road side to the clinic while his father is lying in a comatose in an internally displaced person’s camp after a drinking spree.
Both mother and baby die in the process.
“No the story is completely fictitious but these are things that happen every day, in my writing I try to identify as much as possible with my audience, that is why I use imagery that is not alien to the reader,” Omaya said about what inspired him to write.
The seminar was also organised to be a link between writers in Africa and those in the Diaspora.
Goretti Kyomuhendo, the director of AWT said that her organisation was established to coordinate and support African writers on the continent and those in the Diaspora.
“Increasingly, more and more African writers are leaving the continent to go and seek greener pastures elsewhere and when they leave, there is no connection with the authors they have left behind.” Kyomuhendo said. 
The Now annual African Writer’s Trust seminar will be held in a different country next year and will keep on rotating around Africa.


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