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New age computers here

By Grace Iga, :: 12-01-2010

 Officials from UCS put final touches to the new computers in preparation for their use by studentsOh how years fly by. This is a new decade already and a lot of things have changed. Vast are the changes in a short time that keeping up often becomes a challenge.
The Computing Services Department of Uganda Christian University hasn’t sat back either.

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What i dislike abou UCU

By Carlos Lwanga , :: 12-01-2010

 Ah, another semester begins and the University is alive with young men and women ready to fill their minds with knowledge, to build bright futures. Enough with the boring stuff; I guess everybody’s ‘happy’ to be back for this semester and looking forward to all the best UCU can offer. That brings me to the topic of today: The worst of UCU.

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Save our beloved bazaar

By Christopher Kayonga, :: 12-01-2010

To my mind the beginning of each semester is filled with so much promise. It is a time to look forward except of course if one has retakes. That being said, the routine of campus life that is trooping from halls of residence to lecture halls to lunch halls to dance halls and not necessarily in that order, is still a novelty.

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Thank you Allan Galpin Clinic

By Twinomugisha Mugisha, :: 12-01-2010

Living in a society where little is appreciated and much criticized does not give most of us the moral authority to judge others.
Well, this is not a judgment per se and not a personal note of appreciation either but simply giving credit where it is due.

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Guild should accept blame

By Elijar Male, :: 08-12-2009

Some items that the guild had put up for grabs during the bazzar held in September. Questions about the winning procedures have recently cropped up.   Every semester the essence of the general assembly is losing meaning.
First of all, instead of telling us what we want to hear, the guild officials end up complaining. If the guild thinks that the standard is publishing inaccurate information then let it provide the facts to us, so that we determine the truth.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “We cannot ask a man what he will do, and if we should, then he should answer us, we should despise him for it. Therefore we must take a man whose opinions are known.

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It's time to shun tribalism

By Josiah Olal Adiema, :: 08-12-2009

Last week while in Mukono, Rev. Michael Okwii Esakan advised the student fraternity to shun tribalism in their midst and co-exist as brothers and sisters.
He said this while attending the Teso Students Development Association (TESDA) celebrations over their recent emergence as winners of the just concluded cultural gala that was held at Rock Hill Courts-Mukono on 20th Nov. 2009.

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This is your chance to shine

By Elijar Male, :: 08-12-2009

We are heading to exams though a majority of us are afraid of this process.  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but because we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us. We usually ask ourselves who we are to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are we not to be?

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The tutors at UCU

By Grace Asio, :: 08-12-2009

We are left pondering on what criteria the university takes on to appoint or give jobs to tutors.
It is regrettable to us students when at the end of a tutorial we ask ourselves why we left our comfortable beds to get to class and leave with nothing.

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Show a little bit of respect

By Elijar Male, :: 23-11-2009

Private restaurants are also prone to abuse by studentsIt will be unfair to end this semester without thanking or appreciating the welfare department and minister, Ddamba. A lot has been done to improve the services at the kitchen “mess” and dining hall.

That is the putting up of drinking water sinks, new water glasses which are all to our benefit. This has solved the problem of congestion which was always experienced in need of getting drinking water.

I grew up knowing that speaking kindly does not hurt the tongue hence where appreciation is required we should fulfil the obligation. However I am annoyed with students who always make the work of the dining hall hard.
It’s noted that the containers where we are supposed to put the plates in after eating were increased. Unfortunately students do not respect or even value the service.

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Thank you UCU

By Enoch Garubanda, :: 23-11-2009

I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to UCU. I joined the estates department in 1999; I have since then served favourable and Christian atmosphere.

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Smiles are free

By Chrysologus Manyali Yovani , :: 23-11-2009

When I first met an alumnus of UCU in 2006, the only words I can remember in our discourse are; “UCU is a place of smiles”.
This opinion is shared by many of UCU’s alumni and alumnae together with the public. They appreciate the virtues of humility, courtesy, good service and Christianity that the students and staff manifest.

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