War on graft starts with us

By Silver KayondoLLB III, :: 15-02-2012

UCU in guild session

Last week, my colleague Roland Yongyera and I took part in an advocacy campaign to check the executive arm of the UCU students’ guild.

We offered free legal representation to one of the members of Parliament, Hon. Joshua Serugendo, who had petitioned the students’ tribunal in a matter involving alleged forgery and false accountability by one of the guild ministers- Leonard Obichale  the minister of welfare and MP BPAM.
The “accountability” he presented was full of  falsehoods and forgeries. The biggest piece of evidence we had was an original receipt from a soda supplier in Mukono town. The “honourable minister” bought 100 crates of soda and forged a receipt to indicate that he bought 126 crates for the fresher’s ball held on 7 October, 2010.
In a landmark finding by the students’ tribunal, it was held that the now dishonoured Leonard Obichale  is liable for this illegal act, and that he should be forwarded to the University Disciplinary Committee for further action. As the legal team of the petitioner and as members of the UCU community, we welcome this course of action.
In a country that is struggling with graft, such criminality cannot go unpunished. It’s high time we looked straight into such peoples’ eyes and told them, “No more of this.” Let us be vigilant, demand accountability and crack the whip on the guilty ones.


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