We need a stronger guild

By Silver Kayondo LLB III, :: 06-03-2012

In July 2011, US President, Barack Obama visited Ghana and highlighted the need for strong institutions across Africa. In his wise words, ‘‘In the 21st century, capable, reliable and transparent institutions are the key to success… Africa needs strong institutions, not strong men.

Now, that triumph must be won once more, and it must be won by you.’’
Back home at UCU, I feel that what was meant to be a students’ guild institution has been grossly trivialised to the point of losing relevance. My understanding of a ‘‘university’’, informed by ancient Greek and Egyptian history, is a place where a given society’s ideals and aspirations are nurtured, practiced and exhibited. Africa in general and Uganda in particular is at a stage where it desperately needs strong institutions in every sector.
It’s on the above account that I find it disheartening that after my 3 years in UCU, I can’t look at the guild as a strong pro-student institution having the concerns of the general students’ populace at heart. They plunder and mismanage even the little resources available! As sister institutions like Makerere University, through student-led initiatives are producing electric cars (Kira EV), designing prototypes, and taking on research to discover HIV treatment, we have very little or possibly nothing at all to show!
How can we do it when the little resources are being put to facilitate guild trips, bazaars, fresher’s balls as opposed to sponsoring innovative and research-focused student initiatives?



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