Keep your promise

By John Micheal Nkugwa, :: 10-04-2012

I would like to congratulate all members of parliament who were voted into office. Your dreams and ambitions to

 become great leaders of this university have been realised. You made promises to be accountable leaders who will bring change to your constituencies. Very often, guild leaders have been censured for corruption and others suspended for false accounting. It is high time that you learnt to make accountability to the people you represent and not to forget that this is a Christian university. The time is now that the university is led by accountable and transformational leaders other than transactional and corrupt leaders.
 Many times the guild presidents have been blamed for not providing proper services to the students but the reverse is true. The disease of corruption that has killed our leaders and society has made the aspect of development a myth.
Let us not blame others but look forward to making the students’ welfare better. Please steer away from fighting political wars in the guild government and make its image better, because currently, students have lost trust in the body. The students would love to see big changes in the way guild activities are handled. Please hold to the promises true.



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