When hugs nearly pushed poor me out of fellowship

By Zakaria Tiberindwa, :: 31-01-2012

Are you a fresher, a brother in Christ and from a single-sex school? If so, I am very happy to know that because there is a lot I need to tell you.
Three years ago I was also a fresher, a brother in Christ and I had just imported my soul from a single-sex school to this campus.
Things were tight for me then because I could not just comprehend the way some brothers and sisters were behaving in fellowships on this campus.
Some of the fellowships I joined when I came to campus were the Law Fellowship, the Lunch Hour Fellowship and the main UCU Fellowship.
For some reason, I will not tell you which fellowship is responsible for what bothered me then.
The first thing that bothered me was when I saw a sister and a brother in fellowship with arms crisscrossed into one another's hot embrace. I was terribly stumbled.
I could not believe that such ‘immorality’ was being tolerated at a fellowship.
So, I had to report the matter to the chairperson of that fellowship who promised to deal with the sister and the brother.
But just when that was still bothering me, I went for fellowship and this sister insisted on giving me a similar hug. I almost fainted.
I could not believe that a sister was pushing me into committing the ‘abominable’.
Back in my Secondary school days I had vowed only to get that close to the woman I would marry. 
But then on the other hand, I also kind of felt good that I had received a hug from a woman for the first time in my life.
I was confused. In fact I began suspecting that the sister had a thing for me because otherwise why did she hug me so? 
After I reported the matter to the chairperson, he sat me down and  lectured me about hugs and all that stuff that was bothering me.
These days I have no problem with hugs. I hope that you, my brothers who have just come from a single-sex school will not begin running up and down just because a sister has given you a far- reaching hug like I did.
Just for your reassurance, it is not a sin. I swear. It is not. And neither is it a sign that she has a thing. From what I can tell, she does not have even the slightest of a thing for you.
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