An offer you can not afford to lose

By Rev.Dr. John Senyonyi, :: 11-04-2011

I had a friend who died a couple of years ago. He was a dear brother in Christ. He had a liver disease, and thankfully because he lived in the US he received liver transplants twice which prolonged his life.
The last time my wife and I met him we had very sweet fellowship into the wee hours of the night.
This kind of medical technology was not thought possible a few years ago because the liver is God’s premier creation; it has the ability to self-repair like no other organ in your body.
At the same time, when it is diseased and you need a new liver, it takes a medical miracle to save it. It is hard enough to match your body with a liver donor; and after such an operation you become helplessly dependent on high-tech medical care.
My friend could not return to Uganda because of this condition. He was not bed-ridden, but ‘country-ridden’. The livers he got were an offer he could not earn, and an offer he could not refuse.
On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. They had rejected him there several times before. Indeed we conclude from John 11.16 that his disciples did not expect him to survive the hostility if he dared visit Jerusalem again! It was an ominous week.
But his visit was a statement; Jesus was offering Himself to Jerusalem one last time in the Triumphal Entry! He was subjecting them to divine scrutiny. Would Jerusalem welcome him this time?
Another friend once told me jestingly, “When I am about to come to the altar to give my life to Christ, you stop preaching!”
A few years later he died suddenly (to the best of my knowledge) without making the all-important decision for Christ.
Three lessons from this momentous event:  Jesus made a public entry into enemy territory as a public offer of Himself to them, as he does to us now.
You are free not to welcome Him, but you are also not free to reject Him without consequences. You must count the cost of refusing Him.
Second is the choice of the animal – a donkey, not a horse. The latter signified a king entering after a war of conquest. It was the supreme symbol of subjugation.
The donkey on the other hand was for a king coming in peace and humility. Therefore Jesus was offering peace with God, a friendship with God.
He offers peace within, peace perfect peace that you may cease living at war within your own heart. It is an offer you cannot afford to refuse.
Finally, what if you were the donkey? One minute you are a common donkey, and the next minute a royal donkey.
When Jesus sat on it, it ceased to be an ordinary donkey. Imagine with me the donkey telling its siblings and peers about the experience afterwards, “Jesus sat on me!”
Life appreciates in Christ. When He sits on you, your self-regard appreciates. You have a new self-image – you are a very important person; a new person with a new status, a new mission, and clearly a new life.
But you must choose: Either to remain a street donkey or to become a royal donkey.
And that is the choice you cannot afford to earn, and which you cannot afford to refuse.
Do it this Passion Week.
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