Me and my God

By Frank Obonyo, :: 11-04-2011

Last week, one of our auditors from Compassion International shared about the trust God has given us in different relationships.
He told a story of a boy who wanted to be coached in how to become a successful politician.
His father one morning told him to pick a ladder and climb up their roof. As the boy climbed, his father left it and the boy fell. Irritated, the boy asked; “You let me fall down?” The father replied; yes, that is how hard it is in politics. Never trust anyone. Not even your father. And remember that people will always strive to pull you down. It is an only God you can fully trust,”
God trusted man by making him His favourite creation; but, Adam and Eve took seconds to damage that relationship with God.
To me, the key to any relationship is love and this does not come easy. There is always work involved, and it is all up to the two people; on how they want to work their way round it.
According to an article by Sabrina Tan in a magazine called Have Faith, we have to deal with the love of each other, and also bearing in mind God’s love for us.
We also have to understand that whatever we do we have to honour God’s will.
The article gives three ways how to keep a relationship working:  regular prayers, let God guide you, pray day and night individually to ask God to speak to you, guide you on what He wants you to bring into the relationship, talk to each other about, and appreciate each other’s differences.
Back to the auditor, he noted that God trusted all of us with restoration (Acts 3:19-2): “Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away,........”
Two words are striking; repent and return. God is giving an opportunity to whoever has annoyed Him.
God’s Grace is manifested in the above scripture specifically to keep our relationship with Him alive through His only son Jesus Christ.
This means we need to thank God for entrusting us with all the responsibilities like finances, spouse, children, cars, friends, jobs and ultimately salvation. God never disappointed us.
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Me & My God