I am a miracle

By Solomon Badaaki, :: 13-07-2011

I will never forget Tuesday, 14th June, 2011. I was travelling in a bus from Kampala to Kasese and somewhere along the way, I fell asleep. As I slept, I  dreamt that I was  directed to hold onto a metal just above my head. I must have held it unconsciously because that is the way I survived a terrible accident that left seventeen people dead and several others injured.
To everybody’s amazement, I am the one person who came out without even as much as a scratch on my body. I am told that as we approached Lyatonde, the driver lost control of the bus and it overturned several times.
All the while, this happened, I was sound asleep; because I remember nothing. It was not only after the bus had come to a stop that I woke. The sight was shocking.
People had been injured while others were dead and yet I could not explain my own experience. Up to now am still awed at what happened. A miracle did not find me in a church but somewhere in a bus.
And it is not the first time God has had so much grace upon me.
 I was born and raised in a polygamous home. As a child, I did not get parental love and care. However, God turned that around. The relationship I have now with my parents is a close.
After my senior two, I was bed ridden because of sickness. I spent a whole year out of school while my classmates progressed to senior four. After getting better I went straight to senior four and to everybody’s amazement I passed in division one.
On several occasions I almost met my death at the hands of ADF rebels however, God protected me. We used to run and hide in trees so as not to be found. On one occasion, the rebels struck the tree in which I was hiding but somehow I survived. I lost relatives in the war but God spared my life.
After ‘A’ levels there was no hope of me joining university because I did not have money. But God has made a way and I am here.
I am convinced that God has spared my life for a reason. Therefore I must serve the Lord faithfully and become a change agent in areas where those who claim to be miracle makers deceive people.
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Me & My God