You can achieve anything

By William Kyeyune, :: 10-10-2011

The Hamu Mukasa Library is in its finishing stages of construction.
To imagine there was a time all I could make out of this building was sticks attached onto roofless walls is incredible. Sometimes I even wondered if the building would ever be completed.
Come to think of it, it is just like in life. Most times, whenever we start on something, however carefully planned, along the way, we often realize that it is harder than expected.
Having gone through a couple of similar things myself, I have come to believe that resistance on the path of getting to your destiny is what makes the prize worthwhile.
Besides, if it is easy, what then is the testimony?
And there are times we even compare ourselves maybe to people who seem to be doing better than us. And we begin to wonder if we will ever get there or even doubt what we have achieved so far.
But you see, in life you have got to realize that the major competition is not against your neighbour but against yourself.
The secret is, once you give your best, God then goes on to do the rest.
Even while in class, do not struggle to have a higher GPA than this person who beat you in the past semester. But rather, struggle to give the semester your very best shot, and leave the rest to God.
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Me & My God