Nyegenye calls for unity among Christians

By Lydia Lakwonyero, :: 30-01-2012

The Assistant Chaplain, Rev. Rebecca Nyegenye, has condemned disunity among Christians, saying despite differences in Christian denominations, the universal Church is one in Christ.
“We need to see Christ as for us all. We have the same faith, the same God,” Nyegenye stressed.
Nyegenye regretted that some Christians tend to think some denominations are greater than others.
And that some Christians instead of associating with fellow brothers and sisters in the faith, live in cocoons under sectarial church name-tags to foam separate fellowships.
“By the fact that you are here, you belong to a community that confesses Jesus Christ.
“So put your differences aside and commune with your brothers and sisters,” she appealed.
Concerning baptism, Nyegenye said:
“Whether you were baptised by sprinkling, or in Lake Victoria or in a swimming pool, the water does not matter.
“It is one baptism. Jesus longs that we be one,” she assured.

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