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By He pays aAndrew Ayebare, :: 30-01-2012

andrew ayebare

I have seen a lot of people use this phrase, “Near  Church but far from God”. I was born in a Christian family. My Father is a Reverend Canon. I thought that was an automatic passport to heaven. But with time I realised that like any other person, I also fell short of God’s glory. This compelled me to give my life to Christ.

It was at a Scripture Union conference at my former high school in 2005, that I gave my life to Christ.  My walk with him since then has been smooth. I have seen him provide, counsel, heal, strengthen, give me friends and a hope for tomorrow.
In my life, there is only one day I will forever remember. In 2004 while in my Senior Four vacation, our clan sat to disown me. That was the time I made my first prayer, “God, please help me. Don’t let them  disown me.” God heard my prayer. And I am happy that I am the most loved and respected child in my family today. God totally transformed my life for the better.
I am not an orphan, nor have I ever failed to get school fees, but that doesn’t mean I was always happy. I went through a lot growing up.
My mother used to tell me that if you do not get rid of sin, it follows you everywhere you go: It grows with and in you. Sin follows you through school and even finishes with you. And the same with all stages of life.
I learnt how to smoke when I was in Primary Seven and continued to develop other bad habits. In High School I started taking drugs and drinking. I abused substance until I could no longer concentrate in class. My parents got overwhelmed by my behaviour; they took me to a different school where I managed to finish O-Level.
I was so messed up that at one time I nearly stabbed my father while under the influence of drugs. After that episode, I thought I would never be accepted in the family. While everyone else thought of taking me to prison to die there, my father was saying, “He is my son, I will never take him to prison. I will never abandon him.”
When I got sober, I always feared that I would never make it in life. Nobody who knew the old me could ever imagine that I would turn out this well. God cleaned me up and has blessed me abundantly.
I have always wondered how a parent would pay school fees of Shs 2mper semester for a child who wanted to kill them in front of their whole family. I realise that God always had a hold on me. He never gave up on me.
That’s why I always give thanks to him for even the bad things that happened in the past. Sometimes we have to trust him through difficult circumstances, recognizing that he is sovereign and in control. Even if we don't immediately see the fulfillment of his promise, it doesn't mean we won't see it fulfilled eventually. While our feelings will mislead us, God won't. I have finished my degree in mass communication and I still hope for more blessings.

Ayebare works with the Planning Office.

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