The Christian and impure thoughts

By Dr. Medard Rugyendo, :: 15-02-2012

dr. rugyendo

We live in a sex-saturated society.  Since time immemorial nearly much of our adverts are in one way or the other about sex.
For some time now, I have noted that we may be Christians with a testimony but we are not the best in front of God. Remember, our God knows us in and out: He is present everywhere,he sees and knows all and is almighty. (Ps 139).

First of all, this implies that there are pure thoughts. Pure thoughts are from the Lord. Yes, you may be a Christian; even one that we may call ‘demon –chasing brother/sister but you may find that you have a secret sin like unending impure thoughts in which you have much pleasure.
Unless you share about it or tell it to the Lord, we may praise the Lord with you but when you’re ‘bleeding’ spiritually. Impure thoughts can also become habitual and when you are addicted, they become your master. You are a slave to your own thoughts. You have been captivated.
Though we praise the Lord with you, you are a slave to your impure thoughts. You struggle quietly in your spirit. It is known between you and God! Not even your friends, your spouse or fellowship.
You may repent of the ‘good and light ones” only. You’re captivated by your mind. You need deliverance.
 In a university setting, many of us are single and available. Some are students and others are not; but sin does not segregate. Many of us have left our spouses at home or we have them with us near or within the university.
We always say that part of the negative impact of globalization and, information technology on morality is far too great! It may be said that to some extent, it is more of a curse than a blessing, morally.
However, it may depend on which school of thought that you have. But what are impure thoughts? Your guess is as good as mine but in general, they are lustful thoughts.  I mean, lustful thoughts take the biggest percentage as far as impure thoughts are concerned.
How can we come out of this? This is incidentally a wide topic but let us consider this verse: Bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ (2Cor. 10:5).
This verse emphasises the total destruction of the fortresses of human and satanic wisdom.
Read the word of God. Let him renew your mind. Give your heart to him. He will handle your challenges.

Dr. Rugyendo is the dean, Education and Arts

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