He is a great God

By Tom Amuruma, :: 10-04-2012

Amaruma TonyHe is a God so great! Two weeks to the fees deadline, I called up my guardians and naturally told them about it. I knew things were hard back

 home, but nothing could have prepared me for their response.
They informed me that they had tried finding money in vain. And they were sorry that I might have to register for a dead semester. They just could not afford the fees here at UCU.
I was devastated. All kinds of thoughts rushed through my mind and I consequently refused to attend lectures the whole day.
The following day I gathered enough courage to go to class anyway. But I was still miserable as the reality of the inevitable sank in deeper. I envisioned my future without education and all I saw was gloom. In class I sat quietly, completely subdued.
I had not shared what I was going through with my friends. My countenance however must have betrayed my situation: For they figured that there was something wrong with me. When they asked, I tried to keep them out of it. But they insisted and I told them my ordeal.
Word travelled fast in class and my classmates swang into action. They began to raise funds for me. They encouraged me to trust in God, saying that he had the power to do anything; even what I thought was impossible. They asked me to pray until something happened.
And that is when I started to see God move. I prayed earnestly. I came to this place where I knew that only God could help me.
My friends intensified their efforts and I managed to collect most of the money. I also registered with the guild office for funds and they came through. A guild official even contributed from his own pocket. That is how great God is. Every single day the Lord went before me with favour.
But my woes were not yet over. Just when I thought I had all the money, I walked to the accounts office to pay and found yet another balance of Shs300,000. I was informed that since I was having meals in the dining hall, I had to pay the cost. The world under me just crumbled.
I was so tired of everything that tears began to roll down my cheeks involuntarily. A thought came to my mind though, that if God had enabled me to pay the first balance, he would help me clear my new balance. I began to pray that he works in my favour.
I shared this information with friends and three of them agreed to share the cost amongst themselves. True to their word, two days later my fees balance was totally cleared.
I give thanks to God for his goodness and I now know that my future is secure whatever my circumstances. I know he holds my tomorrow. I am grateful to my classmates (BDS 1), the guild, and my friends who stood by me during this hard time. May God bless them dearly. We serve a great God. Amen!
 The writer is a student of BDS 1
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