Allow political parties-Niringiye

By Sam Wakhakha, :: 07-03-2012

Zac Niringiye

In contrast to the UCU policy, Kampala diocese assistant Bishop, Zac Niringiye wants the institution to allow national parties to get involved

 in guild elections. He said this while preaching to staff members on 24 February at the Vice Chancellor's parlour.
“I would like to propose that this university opens up space to thinking. Guild elections are on. I actually do not agree that we should not let FDC, NRM to come and talk to students. Let them come and talk," he said
"All these people who have shaped this country started as students. I repeat all of them.  Do you know how old Gen. Elly Tumwine was when he shot that first bullet? He was 27.  The power of UCU in this country is unimaginable because it is in this place where Christian thinking ought to happen," he added.
Currently, political parties are not allowed to offer support to candidates who run in guild presidential elections and the action can be a ground for disqualification of a candidate. The guideline started in 2007.
The UCU VC Rev. Dr. John Senyonyi however disagrees.
“I hope you are not misquoting him. However, my position is clearly no! That is like importing the chaos and violence in the political arena onto our campus. People are free to belong to parties but this is an educational institution not a Kyankwanzi, and it should be left to serve that purpose,” he said in an email to The Standard.
Niringiye who had also preached during Community Hour on the previous day spoke about the decaying state of affairs in the country which he described as being in need of redemption. He highlighted issues such as maternal health and declining education standards.
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