Purple village opened, cost yet to be established

By Sam Wakhakha, :: 12-04-2012

Akwech’s government at last has a legacy to speak about. They have left behind a student’s boardroom. The complex will be housing offices of the guild government and act as the guild parliamentary building.The buildings are three and they are to be equipped with furniture worth Shs 14m according to Opio Kizito, the outgoing minister of finance. 

The buildings were not entirely constructed afresh but rather renovated using money from the guild budget. 

Although they were opened by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. John Senyonyi, on 30 March just after the general assembly, controversy still surrounds the actual figure used in the construction.
In an earlier interview with The Standard, Opio Kizito, who oversaw the project, said the renovations were to cost Shs 24m whereas the furniture would take Shs 14m.
However, at the general assembly, he said that the renovation was instead going to cost less than Shs 20m without mentioning the actual amount. The failure to mention the exact amount of money did not go down well with some people who thought something sinister had gone on. Some students at the general assembly were overheard complaining that the renovation works on the buildings in question could not have cost more than Shs 5m. Kizito however said that there was no money taken by any guild official because the university pays the money  by cheque to the service provider.
“We do not touch any money. This money is just paid by cheque to service providers,” he said.

The pre-liminary breakdown:
lAll furniture – Shs14 M
lRennovations- Total of Shs 24m. Later Under Shs 20m at general assembly
l1 Big chair for the speaker-  Shs 850,000 supplied by Malaysian furniture
l100 banquet chairs from Zing Zing furniture at Shs 80,000 each.
 l3 conference tables - Shs 1.44m
lWiring-Shs 2.7m
lTiling - Shs 3.2m

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