Guild debate cancelled over hooliganism

By Sam Wakhakha, :: 24-02-2012

Platform revolution members learnt nothing and forgot nothing from last year's guild presidential debate. The debate that they organised onĀ  February 22 was cancelled due to hooliganism.

"I apologise to the guys in front here because they are quite. They expected to hear something from the candidates. However, this session can not go on with the noise that you guys at the back are generating. Therefore, as one of the organisers of this session, I declare it canceled," said Andrew Karamaji, one of the organisers of the event after numerous failed attempts to control the crowd.

Before cancelling the session, Karamaji had tried to arrrest the situation that was getting out of hand by bringing a policeman from the UCU Police Post to speak to the audience. The students who were shouting on top of their voices and blowing vuvuzelas did not allow the policeman to speak. The moderators, not knowing that an utterance from any of the candidates would worsen the already bad situation decided to kick off the session. It was after the candidates tackled the first question that the moderator Andrew Karamaji decided to cancel the debate.


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