COU remembers Luwum

By Justin Emedot, :: 07-03-2012

A procession

Church of Uganda (COU) on February 16 held the annual Janani Luwum memorial celebration.
This year’s celebrations, which had the theme “A call to discipleship among the young generation”, had participants like diocesan education and mission coordinators, church-founded schools and university chaplains and mission partners.

There was a walk through Luwum Street in Kampala to All saints Cathedral where there was a public lecture by Bishop Zac Niringiye, and a service of Holy Communion.
“We want to thank God that in the church, especially the Church of Uganda, that we remember this exemplary man. Like Jesus stood for the truth when questioned by Pontius Pilate in the Bible, it’s exactly what the late archbishop stood for, the truth in Jesus Christ,” said the chief walker, retired bishop of Mukono, Rt. Rev. Eria Paul Luzinda.
Luzinda, who represented the Archbishop, The Most Rev. Luke Orombi, urged the believers to emulate Luwum.
“Even when he was at the point of his death, Luwum stood his ground for the mission: that the church was there to minister to Uganda and to the whole world,” Luzinda said.
During the church service in the evening, there was lighting of a purple candle from the candle of Christ by Niringiye, which he handed to the family of Bishop Luwum.
“We are gathered to remember the life and death of Saint Janani Luwum,” said Niringiye in his Public lecture titled “The politics of Christian mission: Was Archbishop Janani Luwum a political martyr?”
“That title may sound provocative, but it actually need not to be, because it’s a question that people have always asked, and will always ask,” Niringiye explained.
He said Christians “need not only follow his [Luwum’s] example in serving God’s mission in our times, but also understand how power structures interact for or against the common good.”
“Luwum laid down his life for many who would have been mercilessly eliminated by a brutal regime of the day,” read a letter to the congregation from Archbishop Orombi. “Whereas others found it easy to flee the country, he stayed behind.”
The memorial celebration was organised by the Global South Institute for Mission, Leadership and Public policy at UCU Mukono.
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