DOSA responds to poor meal claims

By Justin Emedot, :: 10-04-2012

The UCU Director of Students Affairs (DOSA), Rev Milton Tweheyo has spoken out about the food served at the dining hall. He told The Standard on Thursday that there could have been some deterioration because of the dry season that has affected the food supply, but denied that the beans had weevils.
“We were supplied so with so many bags of beans. The beans are old but they do not have the weevils. I went and tasted the food myself. I wanted to prove if there were weevils, but they weren’t there,” Tweheyo said. ”We had a long dry spell, you can’t find new beans [right now].”
He appreciated the students who come out and speak if they feel that some things are not going right. “It enables us to go back to the drawing board and see what is not going well,” he said.
He said they were struggling with prices and season changes, but that as a university, they were doing much better with the menu served.
“We are having meetings with my staff to see how the situation can change, but I won’t promise that we will serve meat every time, but in terms of quality, it must be very good,” Tweheyo said.
According to the catering section head, Richard Ekadu, the meals they serve give a balanced diet.
“We give fruits,  greens, starchy foods and proteins,” Ekadu said. “We give greens for dinner throughout, fruits twice a week, beef once a week, chicken or fish twice a month. Beans and rice are served on a daily basis, though not for every meal.”
In the last issue, the Campus Talk page of The Standard, featured a topic titled, “What’s your comment on the food served in the DH?”
The response of most students when interviewed was that the quality of the food was deteriorating, and that the diet was not balanced.
The Campus Talk page always picks an issue in the university community and runs verbatim a fair sample of stated views on the issue.

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