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The youth can change this nation

By Miria Matembe, :: 10-06-2012


I begin with a verse, Psalms 78:72, “And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.”

  I have love and passion for women and youths. Let me quote a recent publication entitled: The State of Africa: a history of fifty years of independence; “After decades of mismanagement and corruption, most African states have become hallowed out. 

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Build your vocabulary

By Kevin Lubuulwa, :: 28-05-2012

Have you ever felt frustrated because of failure to get the best words to express yourself about a certain situation?   It is indeed stressful to any public speaker when the right words seem to elude them.

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We are the intruders, not the monkeys

By Ahumuza Muhumuza, :: 28-05-2012

Ahumuza MuhumuzaToday, a lot of the world’s biggest problems are a result of our perception about the world around us. Consequently, how we have treated it as a result of this perception. It therefore came as an unpleasant surprise when someone wrote a letter in the last issue of The Standard attacking the UCU’s monkeys instead of calling for their protection. 

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That quest for information

By Kevin Lubuulwa, :: 14-05-2012

As we start this semester, we must rethink the roadmap to our goals. Many graduates today suffer from lack of the most basic information. 

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Dress code allows casual attire.So why this senseless harassment?

By Thomas Froese, :: 14-05-2012

Thomas FroeseOkay, can someone tell me, is there an 11th Commandment that I’m missing? Is it “Thou shalt not wear jeans?”  What if I braid my hair? Is that sin? Will I go to hell? Or to jail? No, not hell. I can’t find that in my Scriptures. Here, you look. But jail? Yes. If I’m Ugandan, anyway, I can be jailed right here at UCU.

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Take advantage of R programme

By Hellen Namawejje, :: 10-04-2012

   Many courses at the university, if not all, have a project/research paper which requires research methods and data analysis. It is the paper that carries most credit units (5) because it requires a lot of independent

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