January is the semester for eating

By Zakariah Tiberindwa,, :: 15-02-2012

Some people have asked me why I like writing about food, and I always tell them that writers write from inspiration.
As a writer, I can assure you that food is one of the aspects in life that has ministered to my soul.
That is why I am always excited when it comes to the January semester. I think it is the semester for eating, simply because of the many hand-over parties.
Thus far, I have already "eaten" one party and it was amazing. I had enough chicken to feast on and hopefully I will have enough in the yet-to-come parties.
I belong to three fellowships and three associations which will all have parties. That means that those are six good opportunties of wrestling with the muscles of chicken thighs, my favourite.
The good thing is that all those associations have promised to offer chicken thighs during their parties.
And then the other advantage is that we are always few students in session. That means that there are always less people to compete with.
I am sure there would be a possibility of some of us missing food during such parties if they were to take place in the September semester which always has so many students.
But by the time some of those guys come back in May, the parties will be done and we shall simply tell them stories of how we enjoyed our time in their absence.
Sometimes I pity those guys that study in the September and May semesters and that is why I thank God that I am not one of them.
There are barely any parties during such semesters. But trust me, if I had been one of them, I would have always turned up for some of these parties despite being off session.
I cannot allow to miss out on such eating opportunities just because I am off-session.
And then, I am glad that during such a semester I never bother to order for things like meat in the restaurants from where I eat. I do not have to since I always have enough during the parties.
So in the restaurants, I will stick to beans and groundnut stew  while I patiently wait for the parties to have enough of the meat and chicken thighs.
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