Lessons I have learnt from the dry lesson

By Zakariah Tiberindwa, :: 06-03-2012

Please, I kindly ask you to stop cursing God for the dry spell in Mukono.
I know it has been hell for some of you, for some of us though, it has been a season of learning and discovering new things.
For instance I have discovered and learnt two important things during the dry spell.
To begin with, I discovered that the dry season gives some really amazing beauties on this campus an opportunity to look even more gorgeous.
Someone will wonder how but have you ever noticed that when a beauty puts on sunglasses, she looks even cuter.
I had also never noticed this until recently when I met some lady that has always mesmerised me with her pretty soul.
I met her putting on those huge and dark glasses and I almost collapsed for I could not believe that somebody’s daughter could be that beautiful.
I just decided to kneel, bow and start worshiping at her throne of beauty.
I then asked her whether she could share with me her precious love.
She promised to get back to me later and she is yet to give a straight response.
And then I realised that an umbrella can also be of use during the dry season.
At first I did not know this and I happened to have bought an umbrella at the beginning of this semester.
So, given that this was my first time to own an umbrella in my life, I could not wait for it to begin raining such that I would put my umbrella to use.
But unfortunately the longer I waited, the more it refused to rain. Thus, one time I became utterly angry at the rain for keeping me waiting for this long and I expressed my concern to a close friend.
And he was like “But you can also use your umbrella to protect yourself from the sun”.
Now you see why I never complain during the dry season?
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