Open letter to the Guild

By Standard Admin, :: 10-02-2011

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I wish you a blessed 2011 filled with prosperity and distinguished service. Rodney Bamusede, thank you for leading your cabinet in an exemplary manner. I also wish to thank the Speaker, Joseph Muhwezi, for effectively executing your duties.

A lot of encouragement and guidance has been provided by the Director of Student Affairs, Rev. Milton Tweheyo, which has shaped the guild body.
Bamusede, you were able to appoint members of cabinet, who have served well in their capacities. I was one of those who initially had doubts in the capabilities of your appointees, but I must thank you for the vision and your ability to work with them well.
Student leadership is an opportunity for students to exhibit their talents and learn to be great people of their nation. It’s not surprising, therefore, many of the world’s influential leaders like Barak Obama, Silvio Berlusconi and Julius Nyerere were student leaders.
However, there have been some “mistakes” which have been exhibited by the guild. I believe there has been little supervision in the departments and some ministers forgot the values of morality and transparency, which are key to the existence of any institution.
These are the same problems akin to African governments, and they explain why we have lagged behind.
Leadership is a call from God, who enables you to exercise your talent. However, there have been numerous instances of embezzlement of guild funds by ministers. Right now, we do not need to look for evidence to substantiate the claims, but rather repent to our God, and learn from our mistakes. Some ministers have been involved in scandals, while some have even engaged in physical fights over money.
I wish to thank those who have kept a clean sheet. Uganda and Africa at large needs leaders with Christian values, and that’s one of the reasons why UCU teaches these values in foundation studies.
The sports department has been the worst in 2010. Tournaments were constantly rescheduled and poorly organised. During the inter-faculty football tournament, there were barely any medical services, let alone poor officiating due to the absence of assistant referees. Some games were even  scheduled at a time when participants had assignments.
The winning team only received Sh200,000 instead of the regular and preferred bull.
Bamusede, you should make sure that there is a person in charge of public relations. I do not know if it’s catered for in the Ministry of Information. It would help you to brief students about all activities and remove doubts that could ruin your reputation.
I wish to thank you for taking note of students’ earlier concerns. As a matter of fact, I do not have any intentions of standing for any post, but my vision has always been to see Uganda Christian University grow under good leadership from both the administration and students. God Bless UCU.

Tonny Raymond Kirabira is a third year student of Law

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