Ignorance is no bliss

By Aggrey Mugisha, :: 29-11-2011

The Red Cross Society recently organised a blood donation drive at the Bishop Tucker Campus. Well, part of the exercise included the opportunity to test for HIV. That way you get to know your sero-status.
Knowing your sero-status can be a scary thing. You think of all your past activities and wonder whether you are safe. Ignorance in such circumstances is not bliss. It is crucial to know that sero-status even if it turns out that you are positive.
HIV/AIDS deaths and new infections are reducing, thanks to anti-retroviral drugs and knowledge, according to findings by UNAIDS. It is not yet time to celebrate, because millions still live with the disease and only half of the people who need to be on anti-retroviral drugs can access them. The war against HIV/AIDS is by no means over but there are some good things        happening.
One thing you can do for UCU and yourself is to take the HIV/AIDS test. We need to continue the battle against stigma.  Choose to live in a way that does not spread the virus to others by abstinence and faithfulness in marriage.

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