Make the most of the holiday

By Standard Admin, :: 08-12-2009

The semester has come to an end.
It has been an honour having all of you here and we look forward to being with you again at the start of the forth coming semester.

To many, this holiday will be short, while to others the holiday will last about four months. For those who will have the short holiday use this time to mend relationships, visit your parents and make yourselves useful at home and come back to UCU as good as you left.
For those who will be away for months on end, try to establish areas for placement as interns, while there, do your best to receive a nice recommendation and remember to guard your lives.
In the internship arena, you are likely to meet people who will genuinely help and also those who will want to take advantage of your situation. Be very weary of such people, it benefits you nothing to give yourself up for an opportunity to be an intern and lose your integrity and life to all sorts of ailments.
This word of caution does not only go to the females but also the male students.
UCU has had an honourable image with employers, please try to either keep it that way or make it better.
May you have the best of festive seasons this year and may the good Lord keep you all safe.
God Bless you.
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