Building those partnerships

By Aggrey Mugisha, :: 02-06-2011

   On coming to UCU, one quickly notices the visitors coming and going. Many of them  are friends and partners of UCU. Relationships even at a personal level take time to build; institutional ones are even more complex. Recently partners from Baylor University came to UCU to work with the Faculty of Business and Administration. It is a long-term relationship which as we report in this issue of The Standard is going to be enhanced. Other partnerships on campus include the Save the Mothers programme, the Words of Hope radio and the link we have with the Joint Clinical Research Centre who recently trained our staff in project proposal writing and management.
These are only a few of what UCU is doing in this area. One hopes more strategic partnerships will take place in the near future. Usually a Memorandum of Understanding is signed so that expectations on all sides are taken care of. By working with others, UCU is surely on the path to becoming a centre of excellence. It is by handling the current relationships well that future ones will emerge. 
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