When death visited

By Standard Admin, :: 10-01-2011

When death visits it leaves a lot of pain.
Referred to as life’s common denominator, death does not discriminate.

On graduation day we learnt of the death of Canon Elisha Mbonigaba, a retired member of the teaching staff.
A few days later, a tragic fire took the lives of two students, Alex Kisakye and Harriet Atugonza. Police is still investigating the cause of the fire. The local press is full of commentary on the sad event.
Although incredible improvements in human medicine have been made to increase life expectancy, the ultimate mortality rate is still 100%. 
The Christian faith puts matters into perspective. It is appointed for human beings to die and after that comes judgment (Hebrews 9:27). The good news is that Jesus overcame death and He is coming back for those who are waiting for Him.
As we ponder what happened, let us remember that we need to prepare our lives so that when we appear before that judgment seat we are ready. Death is always closer than you think; so is the love and hope we have in Christ.

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