Teacher tops SWASA

By Staff Writer/ News, :: 28-10-2009

"In my first year, I lost my brother who was paying my fees. Had it not been for my family's consolations, I don't think I would have come back to school." James Hakiza, the best student in Social Works and Social Administration said.

A teacher by profession, Hakiza opted out of teaching because there was nothing keeping him in the classroom.
The 35 year old got a first class degree in SWASA.
This degree did not, however, come to him as a surprise; it is some thing he has been expecting to get from the time he returned from the burial of his brother.
That is the same brother who had encouraged him to abandon teaching and go back to school; he is also the one who paid his first semester tuition fees.
"After training as a teacher I got a diploma to attest to that and I got a secondary school where I was a teacher but my name never made it to the payroll and that is the reason I decided to join another field, SWASA being the best for me." Said Hakiza.
Having attained all his primary and secondary school education in Kisoro District, Hakiza is not the type of person who travelled a lot from his home town, the furthest being to Kabale, earlier to escort his other brother who was admitted to Kabale NTC.
This however did not bar Hakiza from following his heart especially after knowing that the weather in Kabale would not have been the best for him. On the contrary it served him right because it kept him from sleep and help him to read longer hours.
"One of the things I will remember the most about Kabale was the beautiful weather that kept me away from sleep, when ever I thought of the cold I got reminded that I had come a long way and that I had to put in extra efforts to attain what I wanted out of school."
For his primary education, Hakiza went to Mwumba Primary School before joining Iryaruvumba Secondary School for his O' Level.
"After my O' level I joined Mutolere SSS for my A level and then Kakoba NTC in Mbarara where I got a diploma in secondary education." Hakiza explains.
After completion of his diploma in education, Hakiza got a teaching position at Busanza SSS in Kisoro.
This did not; however, last long because he failed to get into the government payroll and 'things did not look promising' thus his change in attitudes towards the classroom.   
The last born in a family of ten children, Hakiza is the first member of the family to get a Bachelor's Degree and he hopes to further it into a Master's degree in the near future, 'God willing' as he puts it. 

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