Bishop-elect Mwesigwa

By Prever Mukasa, :: 08-02-2010


Rev. Sheldon Mwesigwa “When I heard of the news, I was overwhelmed and humbled to be appointed to such a position,” said Reverend Sheldon Mwesigwa in a well composed tone.

The house of Bishops of Church of Uganda met in Gulu on December 19 and elected Rev. Sheldon Mwesigwa as the new Bishop of Ankole Diocese. The news of his appointment, for which he will be consecrated in July, reached him by Cell pone while he and his wife were on their way to attend one of his former students’ wedding ceremony.
“The call was earth shattering, we lost the way to our destination,” he narrates. Even after reaching their destination, the couple was still disoriented to stay through the function. They asked their host to leave. It was at that time that calls were coming in endlessly.  Mwesigwa could not even move the steering wheel, so he asked his wife to drive as he tried to compose himself and also attend to the calls.
Mwesigwa says that for every emotion that he went through that day, his wife Alice was with him.
 One of the moments that got him wondering whether he was ready for the new office, was when he shared the news with their children, and his 10- year old son told him that he did not have the size for bishops and besides, he does not wear spectacles.
The newly elected Bishop believes that his appointment is a fulfillment of one of his key verses, Ipeter 5:6 (humble your self therefore under God’s mighty hand that he may exalt you in due time).
He is assured of the fact that He, who has appointed him, will give him the courage and strength to do the job.
Rev. Mwesigwa’s five years as a Dean of Faculty of Education at UCU have not only been a joy but also fulfilling times in service of Christ.
When he joined UCU, he was convinced that he was coming in as a lecturer. He had previously been Deputy Head teacher of Ntare School and was looking forward to teaching only.  However, there was much more in store for him. After four weeks, he was appointed Head of Department of Education.
For a person who desires to reach out to young people, this would be another exciting journey in his life. He embraced the position of Dean Faculty of Education with zeal to train young people in the ways of God and trusting that someone would be helped.
“I am who I am because of God. My desire is to help young people  know God,” he says adding that, whenever he is called on to preach, he takes time to study God’s word in order to reach students.
One of his favorite recollections has been watching his students teach others. Last September, the department introduced a system of training students before they go out for teaching practice. It is then that he learned something about young people.
“I learned that young people know a lot more than we think they do,” he says.
Another interesting aspect has been working with his wife Alice in the same faculty. Alice is a lecturer in the department.
“When it is time to work, I deal with her as faculty and not as my wife,” he says. He adds that when he would have to send out messages to faculty he would also send the same official messages to Alice.
This is not the first time that Mwesigwa is working with his wife. While he was Deputy Head teacher at Kibubura Girls School in Ibanda, Alice was a teacher in the same school. She was also with him in Ntare School and he has enjoyed every moment of it.
Although he is looking forward to the new office, Rev. Mwesigwa is aware of how hard it is going to be leaving UCU. His love for UCU was growing by the day.
“I was seeing myself here for many years,” he says.  He adds however, that a priest is like a soldier, when called on, he reports for duty without fail.
Rev. Mwesigwa, does not intend to suppress his desire to teach.  By virtue of being Bishop of Ankole, he will also become the chancellor of Bishop Stuart University. He hopes to use the opportunity to present a paper to students or a group of people.  He also plans to help priests in Ankole care for their welfare and not withhold anything that’s due to them.
“I know it is a disciplined road and I pray the Lord gives me time to attend to all,” he affirms.
Rev. Mwesigwa attained a Doctor of philosophy from University of Leeds, Master of Education, University of Leeds, Bachelor of Divinity degree, Association of theological institutions in East Africa tenable from Bishop Tucker Theology and a diploma in education from National Teachers’ college, Kakoba.
He’s worked as Deputy Head Teacher Kibubura Girls Ibanda, Deputy Head Teacher and Chaplain COU at Ntare School Mbarara and is currently senior lecturer and Dean Faculty of Education and Arts at UCU and by extension Bishop Barham University College, Kabale, Mbale and Arua study centers. He is also the Liaison officer of Zain Africa Challenge for UCU.
For all his achievements, he has one principle in life: Let those who are pressed with the power and soaring swiftness of the eagle fly ahead, I will go slowly but I too will arrive.
Sheldon and Alice have four children, Sheba Musiimenta, 14, Shivoni Nsiimenta, 13, Shaun Mwesiga, 10 and Shane Nkesiga one year and six months.

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