Sports department to award sportspersons

By Timothy Murungi, :: 15-02-2012

a ucu tennis player

The sports department has started annual awards for the best performing sports in the University. The first ever awards will be held on February 24 in Nkoyoyo hall. The sports director, Dale Scully said that the awards are an observance of successes in sports and crowning of the sports calendar.

“This is a celebration of the 2011 achievements,” Scully said.
The awards are a way of appreciating the efforts of sportsmen and women in representing the University in all recently concluded games. Luckily for the sportsmen, all the teams will be awarded the position they attained notwithstanding.
 “The awards are for all the teams that competed, regardless of whether they finished first or last will receive recognition,” Scully said.
The sports department hopes the awards will be an excellent way of crowning the leagues. Awards will be in both individual and team categories.The teams will among themselves nominate and vote for the person they deem fit to be Most Valuable Player(MVP) of the team according to the person’s performance.
All the teams will nominate a player to be overall MVP, from all the sports combined. The sports department will vote the overall sports MVP.
The sports department is expects that students will be highly motivated and even aim at achieving themby working hard.
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