UCU ranked the first most popular private university in Uganda

By Frank Obonyo

Uganda Christian University (UCU) has been ranked the first most popular private university in Uganda. In the same survey, UCU was also ranked as the second most popular university in Uganda, that is, among both public and private universities.

The survey was carried out by uniRank, a leading international higher education directory and search engine which features reviews and rankings of recognized universities and colleges.

The ranking methodology included, but not limited to: officially recognised, licensed, or accredited university by the Government, authorized to grant at least four-year undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, provides higher education courses mainly in a traditional face-to-face learning format delivered through on-site facilities. UCU was found to be in good standing on the aforementioned parameters.

Since its inception in 1997, UCU has powered to a consistently growing and reputable University in Uganda and Africa. In 2004, UCU became the first private university to be chartered or accredited by the Government of Uganda, and has since remained a pioneer in innovative ways of offering quality university education. In line with the UCU theme of ‘A Complete Education for A Complete Person’, UCU’s education integrates physical, social, emotional, and spiritual growth along with traditional and online academic learning. UCU graduates possess essential skills, exercise good judgement, can reason, analyze, cooperate in teams, and are trustworthy.

UCU has well-equipped modern teaching and learning facilities and equipment which include: online programmes, eLearning facilities, over 10 computer labs in the open terrace, over 250,000 volumes of books, well equipped science laboratories, and over 80 percent WiFi coverage.

UCU provides the serene environment for a memorable campus life for students. The sparkling green spaces, breathtaking surroundings and inspired architecture around the UCU campuses that offer spectacular settings in which to study, rest and play are sources of inspiration to students. The modern sports facilities make it a university of choice for upcoming talented sports men and women.

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